Friday is National, “I Love Horses” Day!

Your nayyyyborhood feedstore, Lewis and Cluck, loves horses.

So we want to help you celebrate YOUR love of horses by inviting you in to get a special something for that special stallion in your life.

NAI Appaloosa

Appaloosa. A true American classic.

July is hot hot hot, which means flies are a-bitin’ like crazy.  We carry lots of fly-be-gone sprays and ointments to help with the itch.  We also have a plethora of combs and brushes for pampering your precious palomino.  Food?  Yep.  Supplements?  Of course.  However you choose to celebrate your hoofed heroes in your life, we hope you have a Happy Horsey Day!

The Duke decreed: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway!”

Pony up!  Celebrate the noble steed with some important equine facts for the jockey in all of us!

– The fastest recorded horse is Winning Brew (great name!) She ran nearly 44 miles per hour over 2 furlongs in 2008 (*bonus fact, a furlong is an 1/8th mile)

– The founder of Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) was Merriweather Lewis Clark Jr.  Yes, grandson of the famous explorer!

– The only true breed of wild horse in the Przewalski of Mongolia!  Our native mustangs are a feral breed.


A true wild child… and with an ancient lineage to boot!

– Horses can not vomit (as Cluck says… what goes in has to come out the other end!), which can lead to troubled digestion!  We carry extruded feeds which are easier to digest!

– The Eohippus is the 50 million year old ancestor to the modern horse!

– Everyone knows mules are horse donkeys.  But have you ever met a zonky?  Prepare yourself.


Why that’s a zorse of a different color!

Enough horsin’ around!  Back to work!


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