Price Comparison: How We Stack Up

There are a quite a few customers that come into our small town shop and marvel that our prices are LOWER than our corporate competitors. Since they are bigger, can buy larger quantities, and are selling more product overall, you’d THINK they would be cheaper.

But generally, and GENUINELY, Lewis and Cluck is going to be cheaper than those big competitors on just about everything we can imagine. We have a smaller staff, a smaller overhead, and we are actually trying to create connections and community in the place that we live! We want to find affordable and quality products that we can pass on to our customers. We have great vendors that care about their product, and they love working with a small local business!

A few examples of price comparisons:

Organic Chicken: 16% Layer Pellets
Competitors Price: $25.75 for 35LBs
Our Price:$24.25 for 40LBs

Rabbit Feed: Complete Ration
Competitors Price:$21.99 for 50LBs
Our Price:$13.25 for 50LBs

Low Starch Horse Feed
Competitors Price:$32.49 for 50LBs
Our Price:$19.25 for 50LBs

Lewis and Cluck sources local and organic products as often as possible, something the bigger stores often ignore! And remember that we can get in many of your favorite products that the bigger stores carry… often for cheaper prices than they offer!

Come in and compare for yourself!

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